The History of Zip Water

Zip Water’s history is rooted in innovation and we remain committed to advancing and perfecting drinking water technology.

That’s why thousands of homes and offices around the world use our drinking water dispenser technology to provide filtered, instant boiling, chilled and sparkling/lightly carbonated water from our range of HydroTap systems. In 2017, Culligan International Company acquired Zip Water, allowing us to expand into the US and North America.

It’s our Australian identity, passion for innovation and manufacturing in Australia, and collective belief in the everyday impact of innovative, well-designed products on improving the health of people’s everyday lives remains as strong today as at it was at its institution.

So say goodbye to boiling water on the stovetop and stop buying cans of sparkling/carbonated water or bottles of still water.

We promise to instantly dispense water in a form you’ll love—it’s water. Refreshed.

Explore our water dispensers for office and our water dispensers for home.

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