Leading voice on global hotel design, development and architecture, Sleeper Magazine is a beautifully designed publication – requiring an equally stunning office space to inspire its staff. Creative design studio NoChintz was brought on board to create a stylish yet functional work environment, which included the addition of a new HydroTap.

The Sleeper Magazine office is located in the iconic Heritage Listed Strawberry Studios, Stockport, once frequented by Joy Division, Paul McCartney, The Stone Roses and The Smiths to name a few. Being sympathetic to the history of the building was important to NoChintz, who designed the space to include subtle features that hark back to the 90’s music industry, with a modern twist.

By assessing how the office works day-to-day, NoChintz’s workspace team was able to build a co-working concept to encourage conversations between colleagues with zoned areas, flexible working solutions and comfortable breakout spaces.

A new large kitchen area was created, making the most of the office’s open plan design. Light, bright and contemporary in style, the kitchen has become an important hub for staff. A Zip HydroTap Classic was chosen keep the Sleeper team powered up with filtered boiling water for tea and coffee, and filtered chilled and sparkling water.

Becky Archacki, commercial director at Sleeper Magazine, explains how the HydroTap has benefited the team and the business as a whole. “We moved into the newly refurbished office earlier this year and the HydroTap was an instant hit. It’s sleek, clean and incredibly convenient compared to the kettle – we don’t have to queue for drinks anymore, so we can get on with more important things! Our prev

ious kitchen used to be full of people hovering around waiting for the kettle to boil.

“As well as saving time, it means we don’t have to haul big plastic bottles around for the water cooler, which was a really annoying job. Plus, we don’t have the problem with plastic cups anymore, we use reusable water bottles or glasses, so we’re much greener as an office.”

The HydroTap has also had a positive impact on Becky and her colleagues when it comes to hydration and wellbeing.

“I’m definitely drinking more, as are other people in the office, which feels great. The instant filtered water also makes it easy to entertain clients that come in. The sp

arkling water is especially popular– in fact, people from other floors even come and use it!”

For NoChintz, the HydroTap was the obvious choice for Sleeper Magazine. Abigail Carpe, interior designer says: “We specify HydroTaps all the time for our clients. In fact, we have one in our own office and couldn’t live without it.

“Our office acts as a showroom and a lot of the time clients will come in and want what we have because they trust the products that we trust. In the end, you’re buying into a brand and we will only specify the best. Zip Water UK is a reputable brand and we know the products are high quality. Most of the offices we fit out are of a high spec and demand this level of performance.